Tom at Work

The day-to-day process

Hi. I'm Tom and, if you have read any of my work, or follow me on Social Media, you will know that I don't take myself too seriously. I look out the window and smile, I see the irony in the world and I chuckle, I look in the mirror and... OK, then I cry! But you get the idea.
Authoring and the whole Authorisation process of related to being an Author is hard work - from wearing my Author hat around the house to the complete Authorification of my written work, an Author's day can be very complex.
In fact, sometimes it's just Authful!
(Yep - All that, just for one bad pun!)

Whether I'm writing a novel, bashing out a quick short-story or working on another TV screenplay. I sit here.
Occasionally, I scooch along to the end of the table, just to allow myself a different view but, unless I am on set somewhere, my backside rests here.
On those rare occasions when I am writing elsewhere, I'm usually found tucked in a corner on some rickety table squinting into my all-too-small laptop screen.
  • Clean Desk

    The template for this section came with these three headings and so, just for fun, I've decided to leave them in and answer accordingly.
    Actually, my desk is pretty clean. Obviously, there is the obligatory spaghetti of cables, but even those are (mostly) wrapped together and channelled accordingly.
    It is a rare day that a discarded coffee (or milk-shake) cup is left overnight on my desk. That said, I'm always finding pairs of socks on it. It's obviously a subliminal dumping station for them.
    I really should look into that...

  • Defined Working Times

    Those don't exist for me. Well, rarely, at any rate.
    If I have a commission or deadlines, then obviously I glue, tie and duct tape myself to my chair and knuckle down. 
    But usually, it varies.
    I might not sit here for three days at a time, but then another day, not leave my chair for eleven hours on the trot. In fact, there have been many times when only the complaints from the cats make me realise just what time it is. 
    Inspiration hits when it so chooses, I suppose (which sounds very highbrow and pompous).

  • No Distractions

    I read on various author groups how writers listen to Metallica, Clannad or Chopin when they write.
    Now, whilst, I do like a good Irish Ballard rumpty-tumpting through the house (thank you, my linked Google home devices), I cannot listen to music when I write. Instead, I listen to ambient sounds like 'Rainforest', 'Cats Purring' or the leg-rubbing antics of crickets. I'm also a lover of white, pink and brown noise. These are especially good with my earpods...
    *NB. I feel terrible for implying that Clannad 'rumpty-tumpts'. Sorry, guys!

My Tools

What's on my desk?

Sure, I write sizzling sex, but my naughty scenes are always tinged with a hint of hilarity.

Tom Marlowe

My Three Rules of Writing

Simple Steps to Greater Success

Love Your Laptop

Your laptop is often your nemesis as well as your most important tool. However, no matter how much you sometimes hate it, never throw it across the room! I have learned from experience that cups are cheaper - in many ways!

Breaking not Bad

Writing is bad for your health. It is bad for your mood, your back, your eyes, your brain. You hardly see the light of day and family members must wear badges with their names on, just so you can recognise them. Allocate time to walk, cycle, run, swim or any activity that you enjoy.

Cloud Cover

SAVE YOUR WORK! Get into the habit of saving your work regularly. Save to the cloud, a couple of flash drives and email your work to yourself periodically. This way, you will never lose valuable files.
It goes without saying that I regularly fail to do one or more of these things with monotonous regularity, thus making my life a hellish nightmare.
Why do I write again? No, really. Why?