Hot, tasty and a lot of fun. The books are quite good too!


Kat has a confusing love life, a lecherous boss and a penchant for Victorian erotica. Unfortunately, she isn't the only one interested in her antique book collection...

When a randy nurse gets her own way with the men (and sometimes women), you can be sure of a lot of fun and tales of conquest down her local pub!
Dawn and Dirty is a plus-size short story series.

A collection of short shorts that turn erotica on its head by taking those tired tropes, the baffling biology and weaving them into fun parodies of all those terrible erotic novels we've all come across.

What options are there for a bored Demon? Why! Get a hobby, of course!
Unlike most other Demons, Graygaxx doesn't want to paint, knit little Demon booties or learn how to cook. He's looking for a hobby that's just a little more interesting...

Sensual Sonnets - An anthology of 24 sexy, funny and thought-provoking poems.

Like any poor lover, Colin Webber is COMING SOON!