The Selfies

When he accidentally texted me looking for his friend, I didn’t know what to say or how to react. When he then sent me nudes, I knew exactly how to behave.
That was the start of my interactions with Josh, an unnamed stranger with whom I shared a particular intimacy.


Absolutely terrible erotic literature or art.

What is Not-E-Rotica?
You’ve all read poor erotica, but have you ever seen purposefully poor erotica that makes a point of presenting itself full of tired tropes, anatomical inaccuracies and incorrect terms?

You have now!

The Not-E-Rotica series is designed to offer ‘terrible’ prose in a light, comedic way. If you’re looking for a fun fifteen-minute read, then look no further.

Whilst this is a parody of regular poor erotic writing, it still contains strong language of a sexual nature. This is definitely NSFWNSFYG and possibly NSFAOAND either.


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