The Interview

This is the tale of a life-changing interview that turns into a power-play between the CEO and her male interviewee – the story of a seductive CEO who seduces her candidate seductively.
OK, you got me! It’s not quite that serious. So what happens is they meet, start the interview and they get up to “naughty stuff” pretty soon after that!


Absolutely terrible erotic literature or art.

What is Not-E-Rotica?
Let’s be honest, it’s out there. Poorly constructed, mass-produced erotica that floods the market.
To honour it, this parody series is designed to collect those continuity errors, biological inaccuracies, anatomical impossibilities and ill-researched backstories and present them in a light, humorous way.
If you’re looking for a fun fifteen-minute read, then look no further.

Whilst this is a parody of regular poor erotic writing, it still contains strong language of a sexual nature. This is definitely NSFW, NSFYG and possibly NSFAOAND either.


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