Sensual Sonnets

A collection of 24 sexy, passionate, funny and thought-provoking sonnets for every mood.
Whether it is a glimpse into the thoughts of a reluctant cuckold in ‘A Cuck’s Tale’, the sensual step of a beautiful woman walking in public in ‘Pride’ or the titillation of public exhibitionism in ‘Tease’, each of the 24 sonnets touches on sex in one way or another.

eBook – 2.99
32-Page paperback – 5.99


Although they existed before his time, sonnets are mostly associated with William Shakespeare, who is credited with writing 154 of them. Their fourteen-line format of three quatrains and a rhyming couplet lend themselves well to a short, romantic outburst – their very nature ensures that the writer cannot go on to much or get too flowery.
That said, it is surprising what you can get into fourteen lines when needed.
Sonnets are, as I am sure you know, usually associated with romance and love, making them a perfect format for ‘Sensual Sonnets’, which is a very modern take on those themes. The poems might be sexy, sensual, raunchy, comedic or even sad, but one thing that they all have in common is their main theme.


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