Robbie (and Ruth)

Three for three – with Robbie, Ruth and me!

“Yeah, so we were sitting in the window of the little cafe, stuffing our faces on cakes and guzzling pots of tea when some rando walked by, paused and stared in at us.
Ruth gave a little gasp and immediately (and very enthusiastically) waved at him. He raised his hand in response, pointed at her plate or pastries and wagged his finger in admonishment.
Ruth went bright red, giggled and raised her hands, shrugging her apology.
The guy waggled his finger once again, shook his head mockingly and, with a final wave, hurried off.
Still red-faced and smiling, Ruth lifted her half-eaten eclair, glanced out of the window and stuffed it into her mouth.
“What?” she spluttered, sending a stream of choux pastry across our table.”


Robbie (and Ruth) is the third of the ‘Dawn and Dirty‘ series – a range of BBW short stories packed with silliness and smut in equal measure. Time to enjoy forty minutes of filth and threesome fun.

This book contains strong language and scenes of a sexually-explicit nature.

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