Demon in the Dark

The Demon’s Desires series follows Graygaxx and his new ‘hobby’ in this hilarious, NSFW paranormal erotic comedy.

This book contains strong language and scenes of a sexually-explicit nature.

Available in both EBOOK and PAPERBACK


Graygaxx: a bored, unhappy Demon looking for a new fun diversion.
Graygaxx yawned and absent-mindedly tossed another soul into the nearby pond. The viscous black surface erupted as the creatures within fought over the essence of the unfortunate human whose only failure had been to turn a blind eye to her boss’s fraudulent activities. Little had she known that ‘not getting involved’ would be enough to send her to a hell she hadn’t even believed in.

Ellie: a young woman, hell-bent on becoming pregnant.
The young woman rolled onto her back and stared blankly at the ceiling. She couldn’t explain why, but something inside her needed to get pregnant. It was an urge she’d been resisting for a couple of years but had recently taken control of almost every aspect of her waking life.



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