Dawn’s Dirty Shorts: A Bundle of Erotic Escapades

Dawn at her Best.
Now you can read Dawn’s first three encounters in one volume.

DAVE (or Dan)
Dawn picks up a good-looking guy at her local pub.

ALAN (the musician)
The music may be terrible, but the keyboardist sure knows how to play the right tune.

ROBBIE (and Ruth)
When Dawn’s best friend introduces her to her persona trainer, things get more than a little sweaty…


This book contains strong language and scenes of a sexually-explicit nature.

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DAVE (or maybe Dan)
“I spotted him as soon as I entered the pub. In the same way that every guy can hone in on us girls when we accidentally flash our knickers or bend over in a low-cut top, my internal radar can pinpoint a man-doll from a hundred paces.”

ALAN (the musician)
“The far end of the long pub was sectioned off by a couple of wooden rails and two low steps. It usually held the jukebox and several more tables and chairs. However, whenever the pub had a live band, this area was cleared and the band would set up there, under the glare of a couple of coloured spotlights.
Tonight was one of those nights.
According to the poster on the entrance, we were going to be entertained by a local student band called Def Leppelin. No prizes for guessing what we were going to be subjected to…”

ROBBIE (and Ruth)
“Yeah, so we were sitting in the window of the little cafe, stuffing our faces on cakes and guzzling pots of tea when some rando walked by, paused and stared in at us.
Ruth gave a little gasp and immediately (and very enthusiastically) waved at him. He raised his hand in response, pointed at her plate or pastries and wagged his finger in admonishment.
Ruth went bright red, giggled and raised her hands, shrugging her apology.
The guy waggled his finger once again, shook his head mockingly and, with a final wave, hurried off.
Still red-faced and smiling, Ruth lifted her half-eaten eclair, glanced out of the window and stuffed it into her mouth.
“What?” she spluttered, sending a stream of choux pastry across our table.”



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