Dave (or maybe Dan)

What are you reading this lunchtime?

“He looked like a Dave, possibly a Dan. Something beginning with D, anyway. I spotted him as soon as I entered the pub. In the same way that every guy can hone in on us girls when we accidentally flash our knickers or bend over in a low-cut top, my internal radar can pinpoint a man-doll from a hundred paces.

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Hi everyone, I’m Dawn.
All my mates down at the ‘Frog and Frigate‘ just love it when I share my sexual exploits with them. Which got me thinking about who else would enjoy my raunchy romps. That’s when I thought of you guys!

In each of my short stories, I’ll tell you about a recent conquest. They are rude, lewd, crude and usually nude!

So say hello to Dave… or Dan. Well, whatever his name was, we had a lot of fun – TWICE!

Dave (or maybe Dan) is the first of the ‘Dawn and Dirty‘ series, a range of BBW short stories packed with fun and filth in equal measure. If you’ve got forty minutes or so free, grab a handful of Dawn and delve inside.

This book contains strong language and scenes of a sexually-explicit nature.


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