Alan (the Musician)

Ready for another bite?

“The far end of the long pub was sectioned off by a couple of wooden rails and two low steps. It usually held the jukebox and several more tables and chairs. However, whenever the pub had a live band, this area was cleared and the band would set up there, under the glare of a couple of coloured spotlights. Tonight was one of those nights.”

According to the poster on the entrance, we were going to be entertained by a local student band called Def Leppelin. No prizes for guessing what we were going to be subjected to…


Hi everyone.

As you all know, I love sharing my latest (s)exploits with you guys. I like to see these books as entertainment for you and therapy for me.

This time, I want to tell you about Alan.

Last Friday night was band night down at the Frog and Frigate, which meant that the evening could have been a bit hit and miss, depending on the quality of the gig. However, I didn’t care! I’d been doing night shifts at the care home and I was determined to enjoy my first free Friday in two weeks.

And I didn’t just mean a glass or two of cider!

Needless to say, the band – Def Leppelin – totally sucked. The best part of their set was the interval, and that’s where Alan came into things – quite literally!

Alan (the Musician) is the second in the “Dawn and Dirty” series – a range of BBW short stories packed with fun and filth in equal measure. If you’ve got a spare half an hour or so free, grab a handful of Dawn and delve inside.

This book contains strong language and scenes of a sexually-explicit nature.


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