July 3, 2021

After a mad period of working on my books, you can now get Dave, Alan and Robbie (Dawn And Dirty Series) in Paperback! Entitled Dawn’s Dirty Shorts, these slim +/-8K shorts would make a fun little gift. However, if you’re looking for something a little more substantial (+/-100 pages), then all three books are now…

June 23, 2021

You’ve got to love our language… “Write,” said David. “I’m going two the shop.”“Witch won?” Tamara asked, inn Ann idol manor.“The wan down the rode, run bye the old kernel.”“Eye don’t like that plaice,” Tamara replied. “Their always nasty too me.”“Our yew shore? Nun of them our like that two me. Whirr yew they’re recently?”“Of…

March 18, 2021

When a biker bikes his bike into the asphalt-covered parking lot of the chrome-plated diner, the girls inside all go crazy. with desire. The fifth in the popular Not-E-Rotica parody series is now available to download!

August 30, 2020

THE PARODY PACKAGE THE INTERVIEW, THE CAMGIRL, THE SELFIES and THE BARMAN in one easy bundle The first four ‘Not-E-Rotica‘ Erotic Parody shorts have now been bundled together into a single download for just $6.49, saving 13% (nearly $1) on the individual story prices.

July 24, 2020

Complete Your Book – a new authors’ self-help book, recently published by Aryeman Raj shares 100 different publishing tricks and tips from 23 different authors – including Yours Truly Don’t miss this useful little writing tool – it may well help you on your path to literary success.