Kat has a confusing love life, a lecherous boss and a penchant for Victorian erotica. Unfortunately, she isn't the only one interested in her antique book collection...

When a randy nurse gets her own way with the men (and sometimes women), you can be sure of a lot of fun and tales of conquest down her local pub!
Dawn and Dirty is a plus-size short story series.

A collection of short shorts that turn erotica on its head by taking those tired tropes, the baffling biology and weaving them into fun parodies of all those terrible erotic novels we've all come across.

What options are there for a bored Demon? Why! Get a hobby, of course!
Unlike most other Demons, Graygaxx doesn't want to paint, knit little Demon booties or learn how to cook. He's looking for a hobby that's just a little more interesting...

Sensual Sonnets - An anthology of 24 sexy, funny and thought-provoking poems.

Like any poor lover, Colin Webber is COMING SOON!


Works in Progress

Kat Amongst The Pigeons (Book 2)

KAT IS BACK - and her troubles are about to continue as she battles with the bad guys in her own, unique way.

With McLain, and the mysterious Captain still at large, Kat turns to the only man who can help her - Nikolas, a senior member of an elite band of agents known only as ‘The Agency’. This small, but highly skilled group will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, employing any tactic necessary to fulfil their missions.

From guns to groins, Kat’s training is a lot more ‘hands-on’ than she had anticipated - in every sense of the word.
The second in the Katherine Quinn series, Kat Amongst the Pigeons (Book 2) concludes Kat's first encounter with the world of secret agents and spies in a lively, sex-charged crime romp that will have you tittering and turned on in equal measure.

This book contains strong language and scenes of a sexually-explicit nature.